Information for Authors

Guess what? You can write for us, too!

  • Are you a student or a researcher who wants to let the rest of us know what you’ve been up working on?
  • Are you a university department wanting to share your latest research with new audiences?
  • Are you a freelance writer with science training and a knack for explaining complicated things?
  • Are you simply looking for a new way to write about science?

Calling All Creatives

If you are an author of a published paper you can contact the editor at if you have an idea for a subject you’d like to see covered on our site! We are also looking for video content creators, graphic designers, and educational channels that want to collaborate.

How to Pitch Articles

We do not accept any SEO content or sponsored content, so please don’t even try. Your email will be deleted. Otherwise, please use the Write For Us form to tell me about your background and your article idea.

General Rules

First and foremost, Sciworthy articles are about ONE published journal article, summarized for a layperson audience. We don’t publish articles about general topics with multiple sources. The article you want to summarize must be no older than 2 years. (Exceptions are made but not often.) We get lots of emails so please be patient as we separate the wheat from the chaff. Emails most likely to get responses are written well, friendly, and specific to our organization’s mission. We can smell a form letter a mile away — since we don’t offer salaries to our writers, we want people who are in it for the love of the work. All new writers, regular or one-time, must go through a short online training to learn our style.