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What’s new in cancer?

New study on immunotherapy for bone cancer

A study in mice tested the effectiveness of an oncolytic, or cancer-destroying, virus called Delta-24-ACT. The treatment group developed tumors more slowly and…

A protein that lets the immune system “see” lung cancer

Personalized cancer treatment is on the rise. Cancer is not just one disease but thousands of different types and subtypes that each respond to treatment a…

How the HPV virus causes cells to become cancer

By analyzing cervical tissue of women who had hysterectomies, researchers found that the virus sets off a domino effect in the tissue that puts cell division…

New therapy for non-small cell lung cancer

Scientists at H. Lee Moffitt Cancer Center and Research Institute recently completed a Phase 1 trial for a new therapy for non-small cell lung cancer called TIL

Recent study suggests mono increases cancer risk

The Epstein Barr virus (EBV) infects over 90% of the adult population in the world and causes the disease commonly known as “mono” or mononucleosis. In…

First two cancer patients treated with CAR T cells still in remission

Their original killer T cells had turned into special helper T cells with two abilities: killing invading cells and helping other immune cells “see”…

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