What’s new in cancer?

Scientists analyze the domino effect of breast cancer escalation

Research conducted in China has made way for potential treatment options for treating breast cancer metastasis in lymph nodes.

Shrinking ovarian tumors with personalized medicine

In a recent study, a group of scientists from the UK evaluated whether a combination of several proteins and a cancer drug that interferes with DNA replication…

A personalized vaccine to treat ovarian cancer

An exciting recent clinical trial developed a personalized vaccination as a safe and effective approach in ovarian cancer treatment.

Why do some breast cancer cells survive treatment?

For tumor cells that survive treatment, one of their tricks is using microRNA molecules to communicate with one another and stay alive.

New research finds negative effects of chemotherapy on kids

Behavior scales and MRI scans are used to connect possible psychosocial effects on pediatric cancer patients post chemotherapy.

Seizures may exacerbate brain tumor growth

German research team discovers a new connection between brain tumors and epileptic seizures!


Imagine what it would be like to be an astronaut landing on Mars for the first time. The red planet has little more than dust and rocks as well as some frozen water and gases in the air. If you wanted to build a shelter or structure, you would need to carry the materials from Earth in your cramped spaceship. What if we…


Space may be the last frontier of civilization, and Mars is an important planet for manned and unmanned space missions. Internationally, space programs are already looking into its possibilities. Since the surface of Mars is really different from Earth, a lot of research is dedicated to trying to simulate or replicate…