The Ocean

How water shaped the Earth

Water has molded our planet into what it is today, in ways you may not have imagined! #water #waterislife

Could “Fools’ Gold” have helped build the first proteins?

How and why humans exist are questions that have challenged different cultures ever since the dawn of civilization. Many scientists have taken upon their…

What beached whales can teach us about antibiotic resistance

Researchers found that more than half of the bacteria collected from stranded cetaceans in the Philippines showed antimicrobial resistance to commonly used…

Deep-sea mining impacts on diverse ocean ecosystems

Sunlight does not reach the deepest parts of the ocean, but life still thrives in the darkness. Below depths of 200 meters, where sunlight cannot reach, some…


Professor Contractor Noshir knows how to help you get along better with your coworkers. He studies the interpersonal dynamics of crews in extreme environments, like a 3 year mission to Mars!


Whether it’s cartoons, advertisement strategies, rappers, or even podcasts, in the last few years Americans have been speaking out and stepping up to combat perceived unethical and immoral behavior. There is a growing polarization developing between those for and against this new cultural shift. But why?


Altruism, in principle, is selfless action for the well-being of others. Altruism may help us achieve our space exploration goals. Space agencies like NASA, SpaceX, and ESA  are funding new projects to commercialize asteroids, the Moon, and Mars. These projects could deliver economic  as well as scientific benefits…


New research finds we were looking at sperm all wrong. For 350 years, scientists believed sperm wiggled their tails side-by-side to create a whip-like motion. Using 3D technology, a study found sperm actually move by rolling around and spinning their heads like tops.


  Genes are bundles of DNA that exist in your cells that affect how you look, grow, and age. Since the human genome was fully decoded in the 1990s, researchers have been working to figure out what all the genes do. Height is one example of a trait that has been investigated. Although height is an inherited trait,…