Infectious diseases

An estimated 17% of COVID-19 cases show no symptoms

Questions surrounding the nature of asymptomatic cases of coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) have been present since near the beginning of the pandemic. A…

Do hand sanitizers work on the coronavirus?

Do commercial hand sanitizers work on coronavirus? In the lab, yes. Studies are needed using real human hands, which come with ethical challenges.

Small animals that carry disease adapt well to our activities

A study suggests that small mammals like rodents have adapted to thrive on human-influenced land. They also happen to carry a lot of human pathogens. This…


Professor Contractor Noshir knows how to help you get along better with your coworkers. He studies the interpersonal dynamics of crews in extreme environments, like a 3 year mission to Mars!


How can astronauts grow plants in space, or farm on Mars? This is the subject of much ongoing research, and one study found that activating a key cellular process using red light may be a big part of the answer. Because plants can’t move around the way animals can, they have to be very flexible and adaptive to…