What’s new in cancer?

Scientists analyze the domino effect of breast cancer escalation

Research conducted in China has made way for potential treatment options for treating breast cancer metastasis in lymph nodes.

Shrinking ovarian tumors with personalized medicine

In a recent study, a group of scientists from the UK evaluated whether a combination of several proteins and a cancer drug that interferes with DNA replication…

A personalized vaccine to treat ovarian cancer

An exciting recent clinical trial developed a personalized vaccination as a safe and effective approach in ovarian cancer treatment.

Why do some breast cancer cells survive treatment?

For tumor cells that survive treatment, one of their tricks is using microRNA molecules to communicate with one another and stay alive.

New research finds negative effects of chemotherapy on kids

Behavior scales and MRI scans are used to connect possible psychosocial effects on pediatric cancer patients post chemotherapy.

Seizures may exacerbate brain tumor growth

German research team discovers a new connection between brain tumors and epileptic seizures!


Even though scientists have been finding new ways to fight cancer, cancer still kills over 9 million people every year worldwide. Genetic mutations are one major cause of cancer that scientists are trying to target therapeutically. Fusion oncogenes are genetic mutations that are especially attractive for cancer therapy…


Did you know that scientists have actually found cells that can assassinate specific cancerous cells? Scientists have found many ways to treat cancer but have never managed to get rid of it without causing any negative side effects in the patient. The purpose of this study was for scientists to determine if immune…