Sunscreen: Hero for Humans, Villain for Marine Life? Choosing an eco-friendly sunscreen may help prevent harm to marine life.

Have you ever spent extra time at the store trying to decide which sunscreen to purchase? We try to protect ourselves from the Sun’s ultraviolet (UV) rays to minimize the risks of contracting skin cancer or photoaging (changes to skin READ MORE

Choosing a Weapon Against Antibiotic Resistance Just Got Easier A new screening method makes it easier for researchers and clinicians to identify pairs of antibiotics that work better together than alone in curing antibiotic resistant infections.

They say what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, and this applies just as well to infectious diseases. Antibiotics have revolutionized medicine and dramatically increased human life expectancy, but we are in the midst of a post-antibiotic era. Many drugs READ MORE

Pollution from Traffic Can Cause DNA Damage in Children Researchers compared the length of telomeres over the course of a year to see if they shortened with exposure to pollution.

Cars are everywhere. They are essential for our day to day lives, but these vehicles are a double-edged-sword. Cars emit exhaust gases, and those gases contain hydrocarbons. These molecules, as their name suggests, contain both carbon and hydrogen atoms. Hydrocarbons READ MORE

More Evidence for the Brain-Gut Connection It turns out, the bacteria that live in your intestine can have an impact on the region of your brain associated with anxiety and fear.

It can be difficult to imagine how two organs that are so far away from each other in the body can be so intimately related.

Popular Over the Counter Sleep Aid May Prevent Cancer Treatment Side Effects A study in rats shows the potential for melatonin, an over-the-counter hormone supplement, to protect the intestines of cancer patients undergoing radiation treatment

An over-the-counter hormone supplement called melatonin, typically made from animal pineal glands or synthesized in a laboratory, was tested on rats in the present study to see if it would be able to protect the intestines of rats treated with radiation.

Disposable Vape Pens: What Are You Inhaling? Metal elements were found in the vapors of electronic cigarettes and hookahs and their concentrations were compared to regular cigarettes.

Metal elements were found in the vapors of electronic cigarettes and hookahs and their concentrations were compared to regular cigarettes.

Viruses May Help Us In The Fight Against Cancer Viruses have long been our enemies, but we may have found a way to join forces against cancer cells.

Cancer is one of the greatest challenges of our time. A common misconception about cancer is that it is one disease. There are hundreds of unique types of cancers that all require different treatment strategies. This diversity in cancer types READ MORE

Short, Tall, or Average: It’s in Your DNA Over 700 different genes have been found to contribute some small amount to your adult height. The rare ones have a bigger impact than the common ones!

  Genes are bundles of DNA that exist in your cells that affect how you look, grow, and age. Since the human genome was fully decoded in the 1990s, researchers have been working to figure out what all the genes READ MORE

A Space-Age Rat Cage Helps NASA Study Health in Low Gravity This new development allows rodents to survive long enough to visit the International Space Station.

When the NASA Space Shuttle was flying, it carried a variety of scientific equipment for running experiments. One of these devices was an enclosure for mice and rats. This equipment was used to test the effects of extremely low gravity READ MORE