Energetic winds from a distant X-ray source A transient source of X-rays is reportedly ejecting a fast-moving wind with other unusual properties. It's the sixth known object to date to have shown those features.

A team of astronomers were studying GRS 1716-249, an object believed to host a black hole. A wind of gas flowing out of it can be seen in visible light, making it the sixth object of its class to have shown this feature till date.

Mysterious gas found near Milky Way’s center A cold, dense, and high-velocity gas has been detected near the center of our galaxy. Scientists are puzzled by its presence as neither Sagittarius A* is currently active nor a star is under formation.

A mysterious cold gas shooting out of the center of the Milky Way galaxy has left scientists puzzled.

A peek into stellar childhood: How do stars grow? Researchers used the latest technology to unveil the mystery over star formation. What they found confirmed a 30-year-old theory at the foundations of stellar astronomy that tells us how stars go from small balls of gas to fully grown Suns like ours.

Maybe you didn’t have a stellar childhood, but stars definitely did. (Get it?) Learn about a major research project that investigated one mechanism involved in how stars get bigger.

How stars can limit life in the universe For the past few decades, scientists have been looking at planets outside of our solar system to see if they could host life. Now, scientists have discovered another factor for habitability: radiation from the planet’s central star.

In 1992, the discovery of planets outside of our solar system, called exoplanets, rocked the astronomy community and forever changed humanity’s search for life outside of Earth. With over four-thousand exoplanets found to date, scientists are challenged with determining which READ MORE