Eye exams can help diagnose syphilis and HIV Syphilis of the eye is almost twice as common in syphilis patients living with HIV compared to those who are not.

Syphilis is a sexually transmitted infection, which if it not treated properly, can lead to complications and symptoms involving the eye, including inflammation, redness, and even vision loss. These complications are referred to as ocular syphilis. There have been a READ MORE

Effects of Gender and Alcohol Use on US Veterans with HIV Female veterans have poorer HIV outcomes than male veterans, and alcohol use hurts HIV outcomes regardless of gender.

While many people might not think that HIV is a large problem in the United States, at the end of 2015 over 1.1 million Americans were living with HIV. Of these people living with HIV in the United States, 75% READ MORE

HIV Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis: What Is It, and Why Aren’t Women Using It? Stigma is a main barrier to using PrEP among women attending Connecticut Planned Parenthood locations

HIV pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) is a medication used for HIV prevention, and should be used by people who are routinely in danger of acquiring HIV (for example, those who have an HIV positive partner, or those who inject drugs). In READ MORE

Gaming Toward a Healthier Life? Smartphone Game Improves Medical Care for HIV Positive Young Men Who Have Sex with Men

In the United States, young men who have sex with men (MSM) are at higher risk for being infected with HIV, and are experiencing problems at various stages of HIV care, including getting on medication, staying on medication, and treating READ MORE

The Sum is More Than the Parts: Effects of HIV and Alcoholism or Hepatitis C on the Brain HIV works together with Hepatitis C or alcoholism to accelerate aging and problems in the brain

As the medications for HIV have gotten more effective, people are living longer with HIV. However, as people living with HIV get older, they are more likely to also develop different problems or diseases, two of which include the viral READ MORE

Does stopping and then re-starting HIV treatment harm the patient? HIV treatment interruption doesn’t lead to irreparable damage to immune cells and increases in HIV levels after treatment is started again

Caroline, our resident HIV expert, updates us on some new knowledge about what happens when HIV positive patients stop and restart their medications. Is this a dangerous thing? Find out here.

Pregnant HIV-Positive Women In East Africa Sometimes Quit Treatment Healthy HIV-positive pregnant women drop out of their treatment programs more often than healthy HIV-positive non-pregnant women

Once someone is diagnosed with HIV, it is important for them to get on HIV treatment as soon as possible. One especially important group is pregnant women. Preventing mother-to-child transmission of HIV is an imperative step to halting the HIV READ MORE

Don’t Wait! If HIV Positive, Start Treatment Right Away The benefits of starting treatment for HIV right away outweigh the slight increased risk of HIV drug resistance

Human immunodeficiency virus, more commonly known as HIV, is one of the deadliest infectious diseases around the world. However, there are now medications available to help stop this disease. Once people get tested for HIV and come back as positive READ MORE