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Popular Over the Counter Sleep Aid May Prevent Cancer Treatment Side Effects A study in rats shows the potential for melatonin, an over-the-counter hormone supplement, to protect the intestines of cancer patients undergoing radiation treatment

An over-the-counter hormone supplement called melatonin, typically made from animal pineal glands or synthesized in a laboratory, was tested on rats in the present study to see if it would be able to protect the intestines of rats treated with radiation.

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Mysterious, Unusual Intergalactic Radio Signal Found Astronomers find the location of an unusual radio pulse to be outside our galaxy and are currently unable to determine the source.

Radio astronomers working with a radio dish telescope detected something a bit unusual. They were seeing a very fast radio burst, faster and more irregular than any signal in the history of radio astronomy. This radio burst was coming at very short time scales, lasting just a few milliseconds. The signal was irregular, very fast, and strong. This rapid burst has been something of a mystery since it was first discovered.

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