What underwater volcanoes can teach us about Saturn’s moon Studying underwater volcanoes called "hydrothermal vents" at the bottom of the ocean taught us that the hydrogen down there probably isn't a primary food source for life in this extreme environment.

How can we study far away plants using Earth environments? By looking at the bottom of the ocean! #hydrogen #hydrothermalvents #astrobiology

Is there life on Venus? An international team of researchers claim that a molecule called phosphine is a potential marker for life, and also happens to be in the atmosphere of Venus, according to their measurements. Other scientists are re-analyzing the results.

In September, a research group broke the internet when they said they discovered a molecule called phosphine in the atmosphere of Venus. We’ll try to break it down. #phosphine #venus #venuscloudlife

Is humanity ready to live in space? To live in space, we will need inter-generational cooperation to pull it off, and perhaps a sense of altruism for the future. We may be up to the technical challenge, but what about the sociopolitical challenges?

This article explores incentives for projects spanning millennia, and determines which of those incentives would provide the most successful approach.

Astronauts suffer permanent brain changes after long flights Long-duration spaceflight was associated with increased brain sizes. These effects lasted up to 1 year into recovery, suggesting permanent alteration.

Space flight is known to cause blurry vision in astronauts. Swelling of the brain tissue may be the reason, according to a study using MRIs.

Deliberately infecting volunteers with COVID-19 to speed up vaccine development? Human challenge trials, a process whereby healthy volunteers are given potential vaccines and then infected with COVID-19, could be a way to speed up vaccine development and reduce the global burden of coronavirus.

A potential way to speed up vaccine development: human challenge trials. #covid19 #research

Fungi may be able to help clean up polluted water A few species of fungi were tested for their ability to clean up wastewaters contaminated with selenium. With additional nutrients added, it mostly worked. The fungi Alternaria showed great potential for cleaning up water polluted with selenite.

Human activities such as coal mining and processing can cause high levels of selenium contamination, which can be harmful to human health. Could common soil fungi be the answer to this problem? #fungi #selenium #wastewater #contamination Study by: @mary_sabuda @biominerals @crsoil

How water shaped the Earth Minerologists, geologists, astronomers, astrobiologists explain how water shaped our planet’s history by studying the types of chemical reactions where water plays a fundamental role.

Water has molded our planet into what it is today, in ways you may not have imagined! #water #waterislife

Chronically trapped in your own negative thoughts? Post-traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) is linked with a penchant for unshakable negative inner dialogues and intrusive thought patterns that just won’t quit.

Our understanding of trauma’s effects on mental health continues to increase. #trauma #rumination #mentalhealthawareness

Students inspired to study science by participating in real NASA missions In Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, a group of scientists and teachers came together to create an exciting new educational resource, named Ad Astra Academy. The goal? To develop brief, intense programs to help encourage academically at-risk students to develop critical thinking skills.

Can teachers get students in underrepresented, disadvantaged communities to feel excited about science if they get to participate in real NASA missions? Turns out, probably! #teaching #StemEd

Bread yeast can help humans explore space! Studying the effects of radiation on yeast cells can help us understand how astronauts’ bodies may be affected during long term space travel. This paper describes an experiment that will be conducted on board the satellite BioSentinel.

How do we find the effects of extreme #space radiation on human health? Answer lies with yeast in your bread! @NASA scientists are launching #BioSentinel later this year. #Astrobiology By @strayologist