Atlantic killifish thrive in Superfund cleanup site thanks to beneficial mutation

Solving an evolutionary puzzle New Bedford Harbor pollution prompts PCB-resistance in Atlantic killifish For four decades, waste from nearby manufacturing plants flowed into the waters of New Bedford Harbor—an 18,000-acre estuary and busy seaport. The harbor, which is contaminated with READ MORE

Where Are The Most Important Biodiversity Hotspots? Big data from museum collections help pinpoint the best areas for conservation

Despite a deluge of new information about the diversity and distribution of plants and animals around the globe, “big data” has yet to make a mark on conservation efforts to preserve the planet’s biodiversity. But that may soon change. A READ MORE

Expansion of Mediterranean hermit crabs into the North Sea thanks to climate change

Long-term studies conducted by scientists at the institute “Senckenberg am Meer” and the Senckenberg Research Institute in Frankfurt have revealed obvious changes in the North Sea’s biota. Studies during the past twenty years indicate that southern species increasingly expand northward. READ MORE