DNA Barcoding unveils a “ray of sunshine” in products sold to consumers

“Ray” or “Skate” is the common name under which a number of different species of rays (cousins to sharks) fished from the Northeast Atlantic are commonly sold in supermarkets in Western Europe. They are also traditionally sold as ‘wings’, where READ MORE

Lost world discovered in Australia

A James Cook University-National Geographic expedition to Cape Melville in north-east Australia has found three vertebrate species new to science and isolated for millions of years—a bizarre looking leaf-tail gecko, a golden-coloured skink and a boulder-dwelling frog that doesn’t need READ MORE

Reptiles give birth, then lay eggs, then give birth again

The ancestor of snakes and lizards likely gave birth to live young, rather than laid eggs, and over time species have switched back and forth in their preferred reproductive mode, according to our new research, published in print in Ecology Letters Dec. 17. This is READ MORE

Tropical pipefish dresses up like it’s southern seadragon relatives

Seadragons are known for their elaborate appendages that help them blend in with their kelp and algae habitats. But an evolutionary tree based on molecular data showed that one of the three species was a faker. The two southern species, the leafy READ MORE

“Sleeping Beauty” in Bacteria A Key to Biofuel Production

Much of biotechnology research is going toward the development of biofuels. Most of which is focused on the production of ethanol, or the type of alcohol we all know and love. But as a fuel there are some issues with READ MORE

Cave Spider defies tropical environment, remains pasty

The remote caves of Central Java have yielded information about a new variant of Wandering Spider (Araneae, Ctenidae,) tentatively categorized as Amauropelma matakecil. Researchers have documented mature female cave spiders and their young, but have yet to locate any males READ MORE

One Humble Thought for Man; One Giant Leap for Bugs

For the first time in scientific history, mankind has discovered functional rotating gears in the animalian biosphere. While cog-shaped components are found elsewhere in nature, the gears of the leaf-jumping Issus nymph are unique in their functionality. Malcolm Burrows began observing the leaf-jumping READ MORE

Giraffe Hangs Oversized Head in Shame, Just Barely Reaches the Ground

When it comes to long necks, even giraffes fail to measure up to the sauropod dinosaurs. This prehistoric species attained neck lengths of 15 meters, trouncing the world record giraffe by a factor of six. Of course, it’s not a READ MORE