When it comes to buying seafood, there are five kinds of people. Which one are you? Consumers are becoming more conscious than ever about their food, and companies are following their lead by finding out what matters to them.

What makes a person choose a certain kind of fish when shopping at the grocery store? A group of German researchers surveyed shoppers to better understand their buying decisions. This makes it easier for aquaculture farmers to be profitable and consumers to be satisfied.

Bulking Up: Increasing Muscle Mass in Fish with Gene Editing Researchers increase the amount of edible flesh in red sea bream by editing the gene for a hormone that restricts muscle growth

There may be concerns with genetically modified organisms (GMO), but the effectiveness of gene editing in developing more productive plants and animals for the agriculture industry can not be argued. With the rise of cheap and simple gene editing technologies, READ MORE

Cave Bears Probably Did Eat Their Vegetables Isotope analysis indicates that the prehistoric cave bear diet was much more reliant on plants than previously thought

Modern bears, while typically thought of as carnivores, actually have a wide variety of dietary preferences. Some eat only meat while others are omnivores, meaning that they eat both meat and vegetation. Cave bears (Ursus spelaeus), an extinct bear species READ MORE

Food or Foul? Aquaculture Pests May Actually be a Valuable Resource. Small invertebrates that grow around fish farms may provide a sustainable and nutritious food source

Many marine organisms have a planktonic form. This means that they drift in the ocean for part of their life until they can find something suitable to attach to and grow. A common example of an animal like this would READ MORE

Why Could Tyrannosaurus rex Bite So Hard? Modeling the bite force of T. rex helps to explain important dietary clues about the animal.

Be grateful you didn’t live at the same time as a T-rex, because it’s superior biting strength could really mess you up. Scientists at Oklahoma State and Florida State collaborate to understand why that is.

Farmed Fish Need More Exercise to Out-Swim Wild Fish Proper breeding practices and adequate exercise can help farmed fish out-swim wild fish

Many people believe that farmed fish wouldn’t do very well in the wild, but do direct experiments comparing farm-raised to wild fish support this belief? In a collaborative study, researchers from the Southwest Fisheries Science Center and the Hubbs-SeaWorld Research Institute READ MORE

Do Nice Apes Finish Last? It’s Complicated. Despite their natural cooperativity, adult bonobos appeared to favor both humans and cartoon characters that are unhelpful.

by Nick Tomasello Guest Contributor Bonobo apes are among our closest genetic relatives. Like humans, they are very social and are known to cooperate to find food. However, new research published in the journal Cell describes a key way our READ MORE

Skulls of Dinosaurs Give Clues About Their Diets Beak specializations let paleontologists know how changes in diets affect skull shape and influence evolution in oviraptors

The term “Darwin’s finches” was first used in 1936 to describe a group of birds from the Galápagos Islands. One of the key differences between each species of finch was the drastic difference in beak size and its effect on READ MORE